Battery locomotive
2.5T Battery Locomotive
Battery locomotives are used for gas and coal dust accumulated transportation and roadway transportation. Our battery locomotives have 2.5T to 55T, which equipped with battery pack as energy with no limited of distance. Main features: small overall dimensions, short wheelbase, flexible, higher brake fast and reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, suitable for small and medium-sized mine transportation.

5T Battery Locomotive


5T battery locomotive has three models: normal, safety, explosion-proof.

Main features: reasonable structure, reliable explosion-proof, smooth starting, energy-saving.


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5T battery locomotive(90V)
Model CAY5/5,6,7,9G
Adhesive / total weight (t) 5
Track gauge (mm) 500,600,762 or 900
Traction (KN) 7.06
Max. Traction (KN) 12.26
Speed(km/h) 7
Max. Speed(km/h) 14
Battery Voltage(v) 90
Battery Capacity (Ah) 330/385
Power (KW) 7.5*2
Length(mm) 3100
Width(mm) 1034, 1082, 1220
Height(mm) 1550
Coupler height(mm) 210/320
Wheelbase (mm) 850
Wheel diameter (mm) 520
Min Curve radius (m) 6
Controller Resistance or IGBT
Braking method Mechanical Brake+ Electrical Brake


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